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August 13, 2007
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Romeo and Juliet Masks by summermagic Romeo and Juliet Masks by summermagic
I wasn't sure which category this belonged to. =\ I made these in 9th grade for an English project for the play Romeo and Juliet. We had to design a mask/masks that represented a certain character in the play. I ended up making 4 masks, while most people only did 2 at the max. xD Can you guess which mask represents which character?

Well, here's the answer in case you didn't get it. From left to right, Juliet, the Nurse, Friar Laurence, and Romeo. Each mask is symbolic of the character, so here's my lengthy explanation of each mask. xD

The Juliet mask is completely white and has a halo painted on the top as well as feathers/wings to represent an angel. Her right eye (looking down on the mask) has a rose around it and there is a rose bud next to that eye to represent how her love for Romeo bloomed like a rose. There are stars and a moon painted on the mask to represent that she was like an angel from the heavens. There is an upside-down heart in the shape of a teardrop coming from left eye. It represents how her love turned into a tragedy. There is half a lock on her mouth to represent how at first she always listened to her parents and had little or no say in things, but then after she met Romeo she no longer listened to her parents.

The next mask represents the Nurse. Her mask is half white and half black because it represents how she supported Juliet, but then later kind of betrayed her. The hearts also represent the same thing. Her mouth is painted red because it stands out from the mask which represents that she talked a lot; however, the mouth is not open because she did not spill Juliet's secret (her love for Romeo).

Friar Laurence's mask fades from black to white. The black side has an herb on it that is dark green/gray and is dying. The white side has a healthy herb that is bright green. This represents what he said that herbs can be either good or bad. The color of the mask and how it fades represents how his good intentions turned out bad. The cross on his head represents that he was a religious figure.

The last mask is Romeo. His mask is black because he is the opposite of Juliet. There is a white bird on the mask because Juliet said that she wanted to keep him like a little pet bird. His mask has a blindfold on because he was blinded by his love for Juliet. There are two teardrops because he was often controlled by his emotions and cried a lot.

If you actually read through all of that, then yay for you! xD I ended up getting like an A on this project. My teacher was a really hard grader and like literally never gave out an A+. -_- Sorry for the horrible background, but I took this picture at like 5 AM in the morning in the dining room where I was working on these. I'm such a procrastinator that I usually leave stuff for the last minute, like this project. So I end up staying up till like 3-5 AM trying to finish it in time. xD
Wow, very impressive. I loved your explanation of Romeo's mask, how he was blindfolded because of his lack of reason. Juliet's mask is a little too bold for my tastes but still incredible, my favorite has to be Friar Laurence's mask, though. :heart:
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